Using essential oils at home

As people become more aware of the benefit of using natural products to improve their health and as part of their beauty regime, more people are using essential oils at home.

Essential oils, the substances which give plants their aromas, have many applications.  They can be used to beautify the skin and to delay ageing, to prevent and treat a host of common illnesses, or to create a particular mood.  Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to promote health and beauty.

What you need

Before you start to use essential oils at home (to improve your skin or to treat illness, for example), you will need the following items:

  • a china bowl
  • a dropper for measuring out the oils
  • a steel or enamel saucepan
  • a few small square flannels or pieces of towelling
  • some small amber glass bottles with screw tops in which to keep the prepared oils (to hold about 30 ml or 1 fl oz)
  • a teaspoon, a tablespoon and an egg cup
  • a dropper for measuring the essential oils

Where to buy essential oils

Essential oils, bottles and droppers can be bought from natural health shops on the high street or online. I have produced my own range of essential oils under my brand and for other major companies but don’t have the time to do so currently, unfortunately.

Which essential oils to buy

You should buy 100% pure essential oil, if possible organic. Make sure it’s not a blend of essential oils or diluted with carrier oil e.g. vegetable oil.  

Measuring the oils

Essential oils are measured in drops (hence the dropper), but measurements of the carrier oil are less critical so I quote them in teaspoons, tablespoons and the less usual egg cup – most people have these at home.  Most egg cups measure about 30 ml or 1 fl oz.

You may like to refer to the Using essential oils and plants section of my Aromatherapy Bible to learn more about how to use essential oils.

NB: please read this important note before using essential oils



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