Danièle was the first specialist to research and develop natural therapeutic mood fragrances in skincare products for the travel and leisure sector, winning numerous international awards for her work. Over 52 million airline passengers and crew have benefitted from her travel products, flying on major airlines including British Airways, Concorde, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Swiss Air and Virgin Atlantic.

The unique collection of award-winning travel care products are designed to combat all types of travel fatigue, jet lag in particular. They can be produced in most sizes and packaging, to suit the needs of the passenger and client’s budget.

Products include:

Rehydration Gel
Imparts non-greasy moisturisation to help re-balance and rehydrate all types of skin

Foot & Leg Gel
Helps to soothe aching, tired  and swollen feet. Formulated with Geranium and Cinnamon Leaf. Massage into the legs and feet to assist circulation

Asleep Gel
Helps to soothe, relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep – the ideal ‘anti-stress’ product

Awake Gel
Helps to revive, invigorate and alleviate feelings of tiredness and fatigue. An excellent product to use when crossing time zones

Eye Saver Gel
Helps to alleviate the dehydrating effect of dry cabin air around the eyes

Cooling Eye Compress
Helps to soothe irritated puffy and dehydrated skin around the eyes

Hand Wipes
To cleanse, calm and invigorate, with refreshing, natural antibacterial ingredients

Nasal Gel
Aids easier breathing and provides sinus and nasal congestion relief, using a natural antiseptic agent

Lip Balm
Helps to nourish chapped and dry lips. Contains the natural protective properties of Rose essential oil

Facial Mist
Refresh and rehydrate all types of skin – a variety of sprays and natural fragrances available

Infused with relaxing fragrances and available in small neck cushions and in-pillow sachets

Cabin Toilet Range
Includes Liquid Hand Soap, Moisturiser, Cologne and Eau de Toilette