Products & services

Danièle develops formulations and products for her own brand and major companies as well as bespoke products for private clients. A qualified bio-chemist and aromacologist, Danièle creates highly-effective natural products based on plant essences and aromatherapeutic techniques, working with cosmetic scientists to incorporate the most technically-advanced processes. She has won numerous international awards for her work.

Natural skincare
Danièle is well known for her natural, anti-ageing product ranges targeted at stressed skin of all ages. Products are designed to work together as a skincare regime for clients. There are no synthetic ingredients and natural colours and fragrances are only included for their specific properties (for example, restorative carrot oil colours or soothing bois de rose).

Private label
Danièle’s luxury private label products are hand made from the finest 100% organic essential oils and ingredients. They help to neutralise damaging free radicals, stimulate skin repair and also protect against environmental pollution. They’re stimulating, relaxing and rejuvenating, depending on which particular requirement they are composed for. The products work on many levels; from their scents to each balanced combination of ingredients, they work holistically to care for people and their skin. The base crèmes are sold from UK£160 to £1,000 each, dependent on the client’s brief.

An internationally-renowned perfumeur, Danièle has designed and created personalised therapeutic perfumes for individual clients, including royalty and celebrities, as well as aromacology perfume products for large retail chains. Creations include ‘Rainforest’ for Diana, Princess of Wales & the Mustard Seed Charity and ‘Sensuality’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘Feel Good’ for Marks & Spencer.

Cosmetic surgery – before & after care
Cosmetic surgery for both women and men has grown worldwide at an unprecedented rate. Over several years, Danièle has researched and developed unique therapeutic formulations for her clients. These are for the treatment of the skin before and after surgery and are designed to help speed the healing process of the scars and to rejuvenate the skin.

Airlines – for jet lag / fatigue
Danièle was the first to research and develop a range of aromatherapy products to help passengers and airline crew members combat the effects of jetlag and travel fatigue, alleviating symptoms of dry pressurised cabin air and creating a general feeling of wellbeing. Airlines who purchased Danièle’s specialist products for their clients’ use on board include Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Concorde, Malaysia Airlines, Air New Zealand, Scandinavian Airlines, Aer Lingus, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Cathay Pacific, The RAF, private planes and the BAA Airport Authority.

Massage oil candles
Danièle developed a range of aromatherapy treatment and therapy candles with essential oil formulations, used by spas and customers at home around the world. These candles contain all-natural, therapeutic, pure essential oils, used for therapeutic massage, spa treatments, bath oil, daily body moisturising, manicures, pedicures and as aromatherapy candles.

By popular demand, Danièle Ryman has launched her 'expert series for wellbeing' eBooks, the first of which accompanies her bestselling Aromatherapy Bible