Danièle Ryman developed the formulation for her range of multi-purpose massage oil candles with the purest quality essential oils. All have natural antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.The candles contain 100% natural, therapeutic, pure essential oils and can be used for massage, spa treatments, bath oil, daily body moisturising, manicures, pedicures and as aromatherapy candles or balm. They are suitable for use at home and are also used at spas around the world.The range comprises six candles:

Awakens your senses and makes you more feel alert and revitalised, helping you to regain energy and start the day feeling vibrant

Detoxifies with its high concentration of essential oils, helping to eliminate toxins while giving you a sense of wellbeing

Boosts the immune system with its highly antiseptic and bactericidal properties, defending against viral infections all year round

Helps to relieve tiredness and mental fatigue, aiding sleep and recuperation by soothing mind, body and soul

Helps to flush out waste, discourage water retention and combat bad circulation – all key for toning – while lifting your spirit

Helps alleviate migraine caused by stress, general headaches and anxiety, putting the mind to rest and making you feel relaxed