Author of six books, published in 18 languages, Danièle Ryman is currently launching her eBook series ‘Danièle Ryman’s expert series for natural wellbeing’. The first title was released in August 2015:

The Expert’s Guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Health: A – Z of Ailments and Natural Remedies to Treat Them
BookBaby 2015
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Other titles, available from bookstores and eBook retailers:

Danièle Ryman’s Secrets of Youth and Beauty: Aromatherapy for Natural Rejuvenation
IRodale/PanMacmillan, 2007
Book review by Alice Hart-Davis, award-winning Health & Beauty Journalist for The Daily Mail, Evening Standard and The Telegraph
‘This is brilliant, just brilliant. This book distils of all of Danièle’s years of experience in this area into two sections: an encyclopaedic list of all the aromatherapy oils that can be used for skincare and beautification, followed by scores of recipes for everything from massage oils, to sunburn-soothers and even breath-freshening mouthwash. It’s all natural and, with such expert guidance, all eminently do-able.’

Danièle Ryman’s Aromatherapy Bible
An A-Z of plants and their essential oils. Explore each plant’s origins, scientific constituents and main therapeutic uses.
Piatkus Books, 2002
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Aromatherapy in your Diet
Discover therapeutic healthy benefits of everyday foods.
Piatkus Books, 1996

Aromatherapy: Encyclopaedia of Plants & Oils
How oils and plants can be used to heal and promote general well-being.
Portland House Publishers Ltd, 1986

The Aromatherapy Handbook
The healing power of essential oils. How to blend oils for preventing ageing.
CW Daniel Company Ltd, 1984

Using Essentail Oils for Health and Beauty
The essential layman’s guide to aromatherapy.
Century Hutchinson Ltd, 1986

Marguerite Maury’s Guide To Aromatherapy
by Marguerite Maury, introduced by Danièle Ryman
C.W. Daniel Company Ltd, new edition, 2004

By popular demand, Danièle Ryman has launched her 'expert series for wellbeing' eBooks, the first of which accompanies her bestselling Aromatherapy Bible