Natural ways to treat winter ills

With healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine, in many ways our health is improving. Of course we’re not invincible, though, and still suffer from illnesses like colds and flu, especially during these winter months which can be extremely debilitating. Essential oils can be tremendously helpful for keeping such ills at bay, and for treating the symptoms too.

Nowadays people often feel stressed, juggling work, family and running a home – demands that were unknown even fifty years ago. In addition, traffic noise and pollution is increasing. All these things act as stressors which diminish the energy reserves needed to fight off illness and stay healthy.

Of course, it is impossible to turn back the clock. Instead, we have to adapt to cope with the ever-changing environment and this is where aromatherapy is so helpful: by inhaling the essences and massaging plant oils into the skin, we can build up natural resistance to stress and illness.

In a way, aromatherapy is giving back the environment which we miss by living in towns and cities, as it recreates the fragrances of the trees and flowers which would naturally surround us in the country.

We are more aware today than ever before of the potential side-effects of some drugs, especially those which are prescribed when the pressures of job or life in general become too much to bear. Anyone reluctant to turn to tranquilisers, antibiotics or other pills to help them alleviate seemingly minor problems (for example, stress, insomnia, headaches, influenza and swollen joints) will find aromatherapy invaluable.

It provides the means to treat such ailments before they turn into more serious illness. It is also an ideal means of curing young children’s ills and injuries, and a daily application of plant oils will even help alleviate the pains of rheumatism and arthritis from which so many older people suffer.

Using essential oils to help with colds and flu
When you next have a cold or flu, you might like to try a massage with essential oils. Try an Essential Defence massage oil candle – apply warm massage oil every day, on to the chest area for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed, then apply on the sinuses and behind the neck and ears.

Otherwise, good essential oils to use at this time of year are camomile, eucalyptus, lemon, niaouli, pine or ravintsara. If you would like to know more about these specific oils and their uses, read about them in the Aromatherapy Bible.

This week I’ll be sharing ideas to help combat the sorts of colds and bugs we are often affected with at this time of year.

NB: please read this important note before using essential oils