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  • Danièle Ryman formulates her own exquisite line of aromatherapy products for a number of airlines as well as lucky personal clients and looks terrific, combining that inimitable French elegance with a positively non-Gallic attachment to activity, running every day if she can

  • A favourite of Princess Diana’s

    Daily Express
  • The Queen of Aromatherapy

    The Times
  • Danièle Ryman has achieved her aim of getting aromatherapy taken seriously – and business is booming

    The Guardian
  • Danièle is widely regarded as being the leading expert in her field

    The Guardian
  • One of the most knowledgeable experts in the world of aromatherapy

    Daily Mail
  • World famous expert on aromatherapy

  • Danièle Ryman is acknowledged as the leading authority on aromatherapy

    Health & Fitness
  • The airline aromatherapy queen

    Travel digest
  • The undisputed queen of British aromatherapy

    London Resources Magazine
  • As an internationally renowned perfumer and aromatherapist, Danièle Ryman has created many exclusive fragrances

    Good Housekeeping
  • Danièle Ryman has established herself as one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy and has built a rich store of knowledge and research, frequently being asked to submit articles on the subject

    BA Magazine
  • Aromatherapist to the stars and in the skies, Danièle Ryman has given her essential oil empire another higher purpose – relieving jet lag

    Vive Magazine

By popular demand, Danièle Ryman has launched her 'expert series for wellbeing' eBooks, the first of which accompanies her bestselling Aromatherapy Bible