Ideas for a luxury brunch with truffles

It was very interesting to read that the first truffle cultivated on UK soil has been harvested from a field in Leicestershire, according to plant biologist, Dr Paul Thomas.

I grew up in the Périgord region of France and my grandparents had truffle trees so I am passionate about this wonderful food.

Of course many foods associated with one country are then grown successfully in others – for instance saffron from Morocco is now grown in France.

You may be familiar with the white truffle from Italy or the black truffle in France. Whichever you prefer, the truffle produces a wonderful flavour and, though it is normally expensive and therefore considered a luxury, its intense taste can be enjoyed in foods infused with it, for example truffle oil.

Should you travel to Paris, you may like to visit truffle restaurant and ’boutique’, La Maison de la Trouffe, in the Place de la Madeleine as it specialises in truffles and has a wonderful menu and products you can buy. Why not try their truffle crème brûlée?!

Truffle season is finishing in France (typically December to March) so whether you can source truffles now or have truffle oil instead, why not try a brunch with a hint of luxury? Spaghetti, pappardelle pasta or risotto with truffle shavings or oil are so quick to prepare yet delicious. Likewise a simple omelette is elevated with a teaspoon or tablespoon of truffle oil (depending on the omelette size). For a decadent treat, try mashed potato and other root vegetables, a dash of cream, parmesan and a drizzle of truffle oil or truffle shavings, garnished with parsley.

You will also see truffles in skincare, following the trend to use exotic, luxurious ingredients in beauty products, including gold, pearls, diamonds and caviar to refine the skin.

Whatever your next truffle experience is, I hope you enjoy this wonderful delicacy.