Help for hands this winter

Windy, damp and freezing cold! I can always tell when winter’s here for real – my finger joints feel stiff and achy. Anything that brings comfort, joy and healing tops all of our wish lists at this time of year. The warmth and light of a candle goes a long way to soothe and lift the spirits. But did you realise it can also bring physical relief?

The relaxing formula of my Unwind warm massage candle – made from high-quality, natural ingredients with therapeutic, grade A essential oils – could be just the help painful hands with arthritic joints or chilblains need.

Anti-inflammatory French Lavender helps ease swelling and rheumatic conditions. Petitgrain (the leaves from the orange tree) helps to relieve puffiness and fatigue brought on by cold weather and Mandarin’s sedative properties help you to relax – a must when discomfort makes it difficult to sleep. Together, their scent is deeply calming, but there’s more to this candle than its exquisite aroma. When warmed, the butters which make up its base – cocoa butter, shea butter, soya butter and mango butter – are soothing, softening and profoundly nourishing. They’re also easy to apply – like this:

  • Light your candle, and breathe deeply as its aromas begin to fill the room.
  • When a pool of melted butters surrounds the wick, snuff out the flame and pour a small amount into your palms – it won’t be hot, just lovely and warm.
  • Now rub your hands together as if you were applying hand cream.
  • Then, one hand at a time, massage the top first, then the wrist always working towards the elbows to help boost the circulation and lastly the fingers, one by one, concentrating on any stiff joints.
  • It will only take around 10 minutes – but oh, the relief!

I would also advise you to wear warm, old cotton or wool gloves for a couple of hours afterwards or ideally overnight to give the essential oils and butters time to work their magic. You can also use this technique to ease tired, cold or aching feet. That’s double the comfort and joy!