Happy New Year – tips for a cheery and uplifting start to 2016!!

Start this New Year with a scent which makes you feel positive and happy – smells have such a strong influence on how you feel so it’s great way to begin the year. Be conscious of aromas you like and if you have a favourite fragrance, find out which notes you particularly like. You can then buy them as oils to use at home or purchase other natural products which include them, for example a natural room spray or candle. Your favourite notes may be from a flower like a rose, leaves of a tree like eucalyptus, bark from cinnamon, pods from vanilla and so on…

This kind of ‘meditation’ about fragrance can be very positive for your mental wellbeing and help you feel upbeat, particularly helpful if you are stressed or depressed in early January after the holiday period.

Coming back to public transport and the office can be quite stressful: It can feel as if you’re surrounded by a barrage of germs on every side! People snuffling into handkerchiefs, sneezing through scarves and coughing behind coats sleeves.

Prevention is better than cure. Make sure your immune system is in good condition with supplement of echinacea and cod liver oil. Do eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and substituting hot water with lemon and ginger for your usual morning coffee. A nice change can also be rosehip tea with a squeeze mandarin and honey.

Take with you in a small bottle a mixture of half rosemary and half eucalyptus essential oils which you have mixed. Apply a few drops to a tissue and from time to time hold it to your nose and inhale the aromas for couple of minutes. Keep it next to your desk at work. Or try an Essential Defense candle – its 13 potent essential oils are highly antiseptic and bactericidal, selected for their effectiveness in defending against viral infections. This unique formulation can be used all year round for good prevention and immune defence and its uplifting aromas will help keep you cheerful.

Air in your house needs changing – even when it’s really cold. Every other day open all the windows and let clean air in for at least half an hour to an hour or so. Central heating can be very drying to your skin, but it can also weaken your respiratory system. Again, you can try an essential oil candle or the following ideas:

Place a bowl of water by each radiator to slowly evaporate or spray the air with this simple natural spray from time to time: in a spray bottle (about 100 ml), add 20 drops of peppermint, 10 drops of lemon and 10 drops of ravensare essential oils, then add warm water. Shake well and spray well the room a few times a day. I always do this before exercise, yoga or meditation; it makes sense – not only you will deal with germs in the room but also your respiratory system will benefit. This is much better than air freshener artificial chemicals which can actually make respiratory problems worse.

To counter the winter evening blues, try to get out in the fresh air every day. Rainy weather is dreary, but a cold, clear day is so invigorating. Walking and being outdoors boosts energy levels and the sunlight makes a real difference to your spirits – even if it’s just a 10 to 15 minutes’ walk in your lunch break.

You may not believe in New Year’s resolutions as such but, either way, good ways to start 2016 are:

De-stress with a massage each month, using essential oils such as orange, geranium and neroli, or use a massage oil candle.

The winter months are a good time to change your skin regime; sample a new natural products range or try making your own products – this will save you money and give your skin a natural, healthy boost. I’ll share some ideas next week.

In particular, never be out of a good moisturiser – it’s a great way to look after dry skin, keeping it looking radiant, especially when you have central heating on overdrive!

Spend time with loved ones, friends or alone, if you prefer – whatever and whoever lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy and loved.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and healthy, prosperous 2016!

Best wishes