Corporate consultancy

Danièle Ryman has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience working with therapeutic and aromatic ingredients over many decades, both for her own ranges and consulting for some of the largest retail, manufacturing, hospitality and airline corporations worldwide.  She is also a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Thanks to Danièle’s heritage, research and writing, she is able to understand and predict industry trends. Danièle has also had direct contact and feedback from thousands of consumers and media. She shares this wealth of experience with her corporate clients.

Danièle is passionate about her work and embodies what she believes in. She is often told she is unique (in the positive sense!) – as a personality as well as for her experience and skill set. Her interests and specialities include:

Anti-ageing products
Therapeutic and aromatic ingredients
Natural ingredients
Organic ingredients
Therapeutic and wellbeing benefits
Natural and ‘beautiful’ fragrances
Products for sensitive and stressed skin
Pure essential oils
New ingredients coming to market
Latest technologies
Identifying new niche product ranges
Industry trends
Knowledge of proven past (historic) applications

By popular demand, Danièle Ryman has launched her 'expert series for wellbeing' eBooks, the first of which accompanies her bestselling Aromatherapy Bible