Danièle’s diary: co-founding a new natural products company in China

For the last few years I have spent time working in China, giving lectures and workshops on aromacology and aromatherapy in Beijing and Shanghai. I have worked for much of the time in Europe too – with London and Paris of particular importance to me – but have really enjoyed China due to their passion for and recognition of the therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients. My association with Sanatio Naturalis started two years ago when… Read more »

Speech at banquet to introduce Danièle Ryman, co-founder of Sanatio Naturalis

As you may have read in my recent Danièle’s diary, Geoffrey Davies, communications expert from the University of Westminster, kindly introduced me at the banquet held in Beijing to honour my role as co-founder of Sanatio Naturalis. As requested, I am posting Geoffrey Davies’ speech here for those interested in further information on my work: It is a real pleasure to be here tonight to introduce to you someone who really needs no introduction…. Read more »