Help for hands this winter

Windy, damp and freezing cold! I can always tell when winter’s here for real – my finger joints feel stiff and achy. Anything that brings comfort, joy and healing tops all of our wish lists at this time of year. The warmth and light of a candle goes a long way to soothe and lift the spirits. But did you realise it can also bring physical relief? The relaxing formula of my UnwindRead more »

Ideas for Mother’s Day gifts & days out

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so you’re likely to be thinking about how to spend the day and treat your mum or loved one. Mother’s Day takes place on Sunday 15th March this year in the UK and Ireland (whereas most other countries, including the USA, celebrate their equivalent in May). Wherever and however you’ll be celebrating, there is a good chance you have been told not to, ‘go to any trouble’ or ‘make a… Read more »