Happy New Year – tips for a cheery and uplifting start to 2016!!

Start this New Year with a scent which makes you feel positive and happy – smells have such a strong influence on how you feel so it’s great way to begin the year. Be conscious of aromas you like and if you have a favourite fragrance, find out which notes you particularly like. You can then buy them as oils to use at home or purchase other natural products which include them, for example a… Read more »

Natural beauty boosters – try a party skin saviour

Thanks to their natural antibacterial and anti-viral properties, essential oils help keep you and your skin healthy, youthful and radiant – so they’re perfect natural beauty boosters for this time of year. Most of us want to look our best over Christmas and New Year but have less sleep and indulge in a little more rich food and alcohol than normal! Research has acknowledged that essential oil molecules can be diffused via the skin -… Read more »

Natural anti-ageing assistance for your hair

Well-conditioned hair can literally knock years off your appearance. And, thankfully, you can achieve lustrous locks and anti-age your hair naturally and simply. Essential oils are extremely helpful in hair care as they influence the sebaceous glands, normalising their functions. They benefit all hair types and leave hair smelling good, too – an added bonus, particularly at this time of year when you’re probably socialising a lot more than usual! Using them in your hair… Read more »

Help for hands this winter

Windy, damp and freezing cold! I can always tell when winter’s here for real – my finger joints feel stiff and achy. Anything that brings comfort, joy and healing tops all of our wish lists at this time of year. The warmth and light of a candle goes a long way to soothe and lift the spirits. But did you realise it can also bring physical relief? The relaxing formula of my UnwindRead more »

How to treat menopause with natural remedies

Menopause has featured heavily in the media again recently and, though you can read much about it online, it’s still a dirty word to many and not openly discussed. The subject is often swept under the carpet or laughed off so women suffer in silence, possibly struggling with workloads and relationships as a result. Let’s change that and talk about how you can help ease the symptoms and get back to feeling like you at… Read more »

How to protect against and treat colds & flu naturally

Many of the symptoms of colds and flu are the same – sneezing, feverishness, aching limbs, sore throat, catarrh and sinusitis. Although flu is invariably initiated by a filtrant virus, just what brings on a cold still remains rather a mystery. This week I’m sharing ideas with you to protect against and treat the symptoms of colds and flu – something so many of us suffer from at this time of year. If you’d like… Read more »

Natural ways to treat winter ills

With healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine, in many ways our health is improving. Of course we’re not invincible, though, and still suffer from illnesses like colds and flu, especially during these winter months which can be extremely debilitating. Essential oils can be tremendously helpful for keeping such ills at bay, and for treating the symptoms too. Nowadays people often feel stressed, juggling work, family and running a home – demands that were unknown even… Read more »

Using essential oils at home

As people become more aware of the benefit of using natural products to improve their health and as part of their beauty regime, more people are using essential oils at home. Essential oils, the substances which give plants their aromas, have many applications.  They can be used to beautify the skin and to delay ageing, to prevent and treat a host of common illnesses, or to create a particular mood.  Aromatherapy is the art of… Read more »

Holiday staycations – spa experiences at home

A growing trend in recent years has been to holiday at home or close to home, a great idea particularly during a wonderful summer like we’ve had. Fully recharging your batteries can be difficult, though, if you’re working, cooking, cleaning and looking after the children as normal so it’s worth taking time, however brief, to make sure you relax and de-stress. Decide when it would be best for you to have some time out and… Read more »