• Danièle Ryman is the world's most renowned aromatherapy expert and author, with over 35 years of experience researching plants and essential oils for health and well-being. She works with both private clients and major brands

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  • Danièle studied with the pioneer of aromatherapy, Marguerite Maury, learning to prescribe essential oils and natural substances for their medicinal properties

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  • With Marguerite, Danièle was the first to promote the health and beauty benefits of aromatherapy, a new phenomenon in the 1960s. Danièle's work continues to attract a celebrity clientèle today

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  • It takes time and patience to create products like Danièle's new organic range of anti-ageing skincare, from development in the laboratory to sourcing ingredients and working with them at a distillery in Grasse, France

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  • Ingredient quality is key. 750 rose petals are needed to produce enough oil for just one of Danièle's products and the price of rose essential oil is higher than gold

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  • Essential oils have the power to comfort and support us in our hectic, sometimes stressful lives. It's important to surround ourselves with things that relax and calm us

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  • One of Daniele's specialist areas is treating stressed skin, creating bespoke skincare ranges and regimes for her clients

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  • By popular demand, Danièle is publishing a series of eBooks. 'Danièle Ryman's expert series for natural wellbeing'

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The expert behind bestselling brands

Danièle collaborates with many global brands, developing formulations to create popular products.
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Danièle and her product portfolio have gained worldwide recognition through numerous awards and media accolades.
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Bestselling author

Author of the Aromatherapy Bible and other leading titles, Danièle's series of expert books is read worldwide.
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Aromacology pioneer

Daniele introduced the term 'aromacology' to the industry: the use of essential oils for therapeutic benefit.
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  • Danièle Ryman formulates her own exquisite line of aromatherapy products for a number of airlines as well as lucky personal clients and looks terrific, combining that inimitable French elegance with a positively non-Gallic attachment to activity, running every day if she can

  • A favourite of Princess Diana’s

    Daily Express
  • The Queen of Aromatherapy

    The Times
  • Danièle Ryman has achieved her aim of getting aromatherapy taken seriously – and business is booming

    The Guardian
  • Danièle is widely regarded as being the leading expert in her field

    The Guardian
  • One of the most knowledgeable experts in the world of aromatherapy

    Daily Mail
  • World famous expert on aromatherapy

  • Danièle Ryman is acknowledged as the leading authority on aromatherapy

    Health & Fitness
  • The airline aromatherapy queen

    Travel digest
  • The undisputed queen of British aromatherapy

    London Resources Magazine
  • As an internationally renowned perfumer and aromatherapist, Danièle Ryman has created many exclusive fragrances

    Good Housekeeping
  • Danièle Ryman has established herself as one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy and has built a rich store of knowledge and research, frequently being asked to submit articles on the subject

    BA Magazine
  • Aromatherapist to the stars and in the skies, Danièle Ryman has given her essential oil empire another higher purpose – relieving jet lag

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Danièle's international client list includes major beauty, retail, hotel and airline companies
as well as music, film and sporting personalities and members of royal families



By popular demand, Danièle Ryman has launched her 'expert series for wellbeing' eBooks, the first of which accompanies her bestselling Aromatherapy Bible